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Zoning Change Request!

Rosewood proposal for the property west of Custer South, of Plano Parkway, north of President George Bush Toll road and east of Alma (“Property)

Rosewood Property Company has proposed to the change the zoning on the Property from several planned developments that were designed for office with limited retail and no residential to “Urban Mixed Use” which allows office, residential and retail, much like the Shops at Legacy. The plans are posted on this website, see proposed documents.

This will impact our neighborhood! A meeting is scheduled for September 11, 2014. Details are available on the events page in the main menu. The Rosewood representatives will be able to explain the development.  We will also conduct an annual meeting. An email is forthcoming to notify those for whom we have email addresses.   You can update your email address using the form in the right sidebar.

A short History of Dallas North Estates Homeowners Association.

Dallas North Estates Homeowners Association, a voluntary homeowners association, was formed in 1985 when the property owners of the property from Coit east to Alma from Plano Parkway south to where the President George Bush toll road was planned submitted zoning proposals to the City.

After two years of negotiations among the neighborhood, the city and the property owners (Hunt Property and Rosewood) the planned developments were adopted. It was envisioned as office with limited retail and no residential. One corner, northeast corner of Independence and Plano Parkway could build freestanding retail, but the hours were limited so that 24 hour operation was not allowed. This is where the Racetrac is and why it is not open 24 hours.

After the zoning was adopted there was a downturn in the economy and nothing was built. In 1995 after the Hunt Brothers lost the tracts they owned in their bankruptcy, a proposal was made to build apartments at the northwest Corner of Plano Parkway and Custer. There are office buildings there now and the IILM center. The Dallas North Homeowners Association spearheaded the opposition to this change in zoning and the City denied the request.

Then a developer wanted to put an ice rink on the north side of Plano Parkway 1500 feet west of Alma. This is the land east of what was a childcare facility. Once again the neighborhood opposed the development and the rezoning was denied. The ice rink was built west of Coit on the South side of Plano Parkway.

Then a developer wanted to put town homes on the same tract. The proposal was not presented to the city due to the opposition of the neighborhood.

In 1997 a developer wanted to put a retail strip center on the southwest corner of Custer and Plano Parkway, the empty tract next to the Dell campus. Once again the neighborhood opposed the change in the zoning and the request was denied.

These projects were opposed because when the zoning was granted it was negotiated for office with limited retail and no residential.

So you are asking how were Messiah Lutheran Church and IILM center allowed. As religious institutions they can go in property-zoned office.

The Hope Center is an office building and complied with the zoning.

Support efforts to be heard on the current zoning issue.

As a voluntary association, we count on a modest $10 per year donation from homeowners to help with notifications, website hosting, email services and other items as needed.  It also covers postage but newsletters are time consuming to prepare for mailing and we don’t have enough volunteers to stuff and mail 800 letters.  It’s very important that we have your email address and as much contact information as you are willing to provide so we can respond quickly to zoning events as they occur.

If you have a neighbor without internet, please let them know if the upcoming meeting.

We appreciate your support!  If more information is provided, it will be posted here so please check back often.

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