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Some visitors have mentioned having trouble leaving and/or viewing comments.  If a post has comments, the number of comments is shown after the word “Comments.” If there are no comments you will see (0).Sample graphic for comments.If you would like to read the comments or add your own, click (if using a mouse) or touch (if using a touch screen device) the number in parentheses.

Click or touch the number in parentheses to comment.The first time you comment, it will be held in queue for approval.  Once a comment has been approved, future comments should post automatically as long as you use the same email address.  Your email address is only seen by moderator and is not shown publicly.

When there are multiple comments you have an option to reply or leave a new comment.

Posts containing profanity or other unacceptable content will not be approved.  Posts with links selling stuff will not be approved and will be considered spam.

This site is a forum for homeowners to share information, opinions and comments related to our neighborhood,

The fastest way to get on the email list is to complete the form on the home page.  Entries are automatically added to the email list.  We try to update emails using information we have or receive with dues but it is time consuming and done as volunteers have a time.



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