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Updated Rosewood Plans Dated 10-15-2014

Rosewood Revisions

Rosewood filed revised plans with P&Z to reflect the technical corrections needed for the City Council meeting on 10/27/2014.  They are dated 10-15-2014 and a link is on the right sidebar.  There are no changes to the plans

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple of DFW Plans

Preliminary site plans for the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple of DFW were also on the consent agenda so it probably conforms to zoning.  Their representatives were at the meeting and Robert met them. The link to those plans is also in the right sidebar below Rosewood/Heritage.

They plan to start construction late this year or early next year.  The first building is one story with a maximum height of 55 feet.  There is room for expansion to the north and south of the proposed building. The building is on the north side of Plano Parkway East of the Republic Title building and west of the horse pasture that meets the zoning requirements.

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  1. Regarding the Rosewood project …
    I did not observe any clear definition for the Westwood / Plano Parkway intersection in the Street Plan. If this project is going to happen, we need to push for a 3/4 which is RI / RO with 1 direction left – out of the neighborhood. If it was purposely left unspecified, it seems that leaves a loophole. Does anyone have current insight on the plan for this intersection?

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