Update on Heritage 190

The following update comes from Rosewood on the Heritage 190 Project.  The supporting documents referenced in the article are linked for viewing.

Indeed progress is being made on several fronts at Heritage Creekside. Relative to the single-family homes, we closed with Plano-based Green Brick Partners (attached please find the news release and article from the Dallas Business Journal). Green Brick owns majority interest in several home builders and they continued refining their site plan and design to incorporate the comments from City staff which occurred during multiple meetings.

There has been refinement of the restaurant/retail site plan and design work continues on Phase I. Good Fulton Farrell was hired for that work and  we can provide an update to you once our comments and design direction are more fully incorporated. With the multi-family under construction and the announcement on the single-family public, we expect to advance the restaurant prospects with whom we have been in discussions. Lastly, Horsley Witten, the New England based firm, was hired to complete the creek and pedestrian bridge design. We are awaiting a set of design documents that will allow us to get accurate pricing for that work.


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