Update on crime watch information as it relates to Plano PD

March 3, 2015

I want to update you on how our DNE Crime Watch has been organized so all of you will understand how a Neighborhood Crime Watch works.


LISA’S CONTACT INFORMATION IS  treasurer@dnehoa.org

Lisa has registered with the Plano Police Department and will receive direct alerts and or communications from the Plano Police Department about any issue the PPD wants to alert the DNE neighborhood to. Roberta Clark, our DNE HOA secretary, will then send that information out to the neighborhood via your email. The email will say PLANO POLICE DEPARTMENT CRIME WATCH BULLETIN  so you will know the information has come directly from the Plano Police Department.

In the hopefully unlikely event you have had a burglary of your home, vehicle or property or any other issue or suspicious event AND you HAVE contacted the Plano Police Department DIRECTLY and the PPD HAS  been to your home to investigate and you want to inform our neighborhood about it, please contact Lisa and the information will be emailed to the neighborhood. We want our neighborhood to be aware of as many crime related issues as possible but we also want to make sure all Crime Watch reports have been verified by the Plano Police Dept.

It is important for you to know when you receive a PLANO POLICE DEPARTMENT CRIME WATCH BULLETIN email, the information is either directly from the Plano Police Department or it is about an individual neighbor’s issue who has had DIRECT contact with the Plano Police Department.

As you already know, Lisa is contacting our neighborhood volunteers who are our neighborhood block captains and they will be contacting you to make sure we have your email. Even though you are receiving emails, the crime watch volunteers will not know this so let the volunteer know you are already on the list. Please let your neighbors know someone may be knocking on their door and asking for their email for the dnehoa.org website. Remember, the more “eyes and ears” we have in our neighborhood, the safer it will be. By the way, we do NOT share the email addresses with anyone!


For those who missed our CRIME WATCH MEETING in February, Officer Christopher Bianez from the Plano Police Department recommended ways to harden your home by strengthening doors, windows and garage doors. Information about that is on the dnehoa.org website under the Crime Watch tab.

I want to remind you of the actions the Plano Police Department recommends you take to make your home safer:

  1. Keep your doors and windows locked.
  2. DON’T leave your garage door open – Officer Bianez said there were 1000 burglaries in Plano last year and 500 of them would NOT have happened if the victim’s garage door had been closed! It only takes seconds for someone to steal something from your garage OR gain access into your home through your garage door.
  3. Park your cars in the garage if possible.
  4. DON’T open your door to strangers. Officer Bianez said if someone knocks at our door the PPD recommends you approach the door WITHOUT opening it and say loudly ”I’ll get it” or “Who is it” to let the person at the door know someone is home. DON’T open your door to strangers!
  5. Leave outside lights on at night, many people use motion sensors.
  6. DON’T leave your valuables in clear view day or night in your home or vehicle.
  7. Close your blinds at night.
  8. If you see someone or something suspicious CALL 911. The PPD recommends you DON’T go outside to investigate yourself..stay in the safety of your home and CALL 911!

If you have any questions please contact any of the DNE HOA Board members at:

Robert A. Miller (President) president@dnehoa.org

Bill Fell (Vice President) VP@dnehoa.org

Roberta Clark (Secretary/Website/Newsletter) mail@dnehoa.org

Lisa Bloomfield (Treasurer & Crime Watch Coordinator/Captain treasurer@dnehoa.org

Annette Swaggerty(Director)) AS@dnehoa.org

With all of your help we will make our Dallas North Estates neighborhood the safest neighborhood in Plano!

A Happy and Safe March to all!


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