Neighborhood Updates

Update on Atmos and the alleys

Weather permitting, Atmos contractors are scheduled to begin work on paving the Grandview/Westridge & Westridge/Northcrest alleys beginning next Tuesday, Sept. 26.

Atmos will complete the work on one entire alley before it begins working on the second alley. Atmos will NOT be paving the entire alley. It generally will be paving only the areas that have been cut into for the gas line replacement. Atmos will most likely start pouring cement on the next day after it begins work on the alley & the concrete should take about 3 days or so to cure. This means you will not be able use the alley to park your vehicles in the garage while the concrete is hardening. So street parking will be necessary while the concrete is drying.

THE WEEK BEFORE THE ALLEY PAVING BEGINS, ATMOS WILL PUT A DOORHANGER ON YOUR DOOR WITH ALL THE INFO ABOUT THE TIME PERIOD THE ALLEY WILL BE CLOSED. The Grandview/Westridge & Westridge/Northcrest alleys are the final 2 alleys left to pave. After Atmos has completed the work on these 2 alleys, it will be DONE with the gas line replacement project in our neighborhood, west of Custer!

Also, just a reminder…those who are putting their trash cans on the street will need to continue to do so until Atmos is completely finished paving the individual alleys. The trash trucks won’t be able to get down the alleys until the concrete has hardened & the work has been completed.

Be prepared to have other interruptions with TV, internet, etc. when they break and remove the concrete. When they replaced the concrete in the Grandview/Kelsey alley, it affected almost every home. Spectrum was quicker to respond than Frontier.  If you have Frontier business service, it may take longer than residential.