Specific Use Permit request for Plano Parkway at Longworth

A specific use permit request has been filed with the city for the area of land located at Plano Parkway and Longworth.  It is for a self storage facility.

Letter to Dallas North Estates form the self storage owners.

Preliminary Site Plan

City Rezoning Notice

More information will be posted soon as well as a possible meeting to discuss with the company.

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  1. I really hope this does not go through. I live right behind the water tower and I would hate to see the lovely horses leave. I am concerned that a storage facility will bring in a lot of riff raff off the streets that otherwise would not be hanging around behind my house! I don’t think it’s going to do anything to increase the value of my home and quite frankly, for me it will make living in this neighborhood less attractive.

  2. What is to prevent a meth lab or other dangerous chemicals or ordnance from being stored there. It is so close to houses in the back. Something to consider.

  3. Plano Parkway from Alma to Independence has a fairly unique character largely based on low-rise office space. No one with residential property nearby wants to see it go to general commercial use, along the lines of 15th street, Park, etc. Furthermore, there are already numerous self-storage operations in the area, including one on 15th near Custer.

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