Neighborhood Crime Update

Crime Alert!

There have been two daylight home burglaries in the 2300 and 2400 Blocks of Northcrest within the last two weeks. There is a possibility of a third home burglary that has not been directly confirmed in the nearby vicinity.

These burglaries have taken place during the daylight hours when no one was at home. The front door was kicked in and jewelry was stolen in at least one case as well as TVs being stolen in both cases.

Please BE AWARE of what is going on in your block and neighborhood! LOOK AROUND as you leave your home and make sure that nothing looks “out of place” in your surroundings.

If you see ANYONE suspicious or ANY suspicious vehicle or ANYTHING that seems unusual…CALL 911!! The police will come out and check out the situation ASAP. DON’T be afraid to call 911 even if you think it’s not worth “bothering” the Police Department about. Let them come out and make that determination!


1. USE YOUR BURGLAR ALARM if you have one.

2. If you have outdoor surveillance cameras make sure they are working, the Plano Police Department encourages all homeowners with outside cameras to register them with the PPD as they can help them solve crimes committed in the nearby area.

3. Keep your doors and windows locked.

4. Keep you garage door closed.

5. Park your vehicles in your garage if possible.

6. DON’T OPEN YOUR DOOR TO STRANGERS!  If someone knocks, approach the door WITHOUT OPENING IT and say loudly “I’ll get it” or “Who is it” to let the person at the door know that someone is home. DON’T OPEN YOUR DOOR TO STRANGERS!

7. Keep outside lights on at night.

8. Keep your valuables in your home and vehicles out of clear view day and night.

9. Close your blinds at night.

10. If you see ANYONE or ANYTHING suspicious…DO NOT HESITATE…CALL 911!!

Thank you for watching out for our neighborhood! You are the eyes and ears of our neighborhood and we are the eyes and ears of the Plano Police Department. With everyone’s help we will continue to keep our great Dallas North Estates Neighborhood safe!!

If you have any questions please contact Lisa Bloomfield, our DNE HOA Crime Watch Coordinator at or me at

Our DNE HOA website, also has much information on the crime watch tab as well as what is happening in our neighborhood.

Wishing all of you a Happy May!

Robert A. Miller, President of Dallas North Estates HOA

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