Board Info and Delayed Email Updates

We now have a new board!

Welcome new members, Lisa Bloomfield – Treasurer and Annette Swaggerty – Director.  Robert Miller – President, Bill Fell – Vice President and Roberta Clark- Secretary will continue with former duties.

Last night after the meeting, I returned home to a stack of unopened letters which had been mailed to the former treasurer.  I am in the process of updating and verifying the email addresses.  We may have missed some people in earlier emails but will get the vote update to everyone.

This also caused a delay in dues checks being processed. We’ve had quite a good response and additional comments about the rezoning.

We will post a mailing address for the new treasurer soon.  In the meantime, if you need to mail dues, please send to Roberta Clark, 2409 Grandview.  We appreciate your patience during the transition.


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  1. As a long time resident (30+ years) of our neighborhood, I have had the privilege of meeting & becoming friends w many wonderful neighbors. I have watched our neighborhood grow & change in many ways along w Plano.
    We are now faced w a zoning change that will affect all of us. The Rosewood project will create a residential, retail & large office/hotel development unlike any we have seen near us. I feel this could be a good thing for our neighborhood & here is why I think so. Rosewood is not going to only build 20 story office bldgs w unattractive parking garages but instead wants to develop their aprox. 150 acres into a type of community or village w many single family residences & apartments as as well as shopping & restaurants. These residences(single family & apts) are necessary for a developer to attract a high quality tenant for the offices like a Toyota or State Farm. Most desired large corporations today want a development such as this to move and locate their business and workers to. Yes I wish there would be no apts. in this development, but I am a realist & I feel the benefits for our neighborhood far outweigh any negatives. Rosewood has said the single family residences potentially could sell from $500.000 – $700.000 & more. This is an excellent thing for our neighborhood as it could greatly affect our property values in a positive way. Also, having shopping & restaurants etc. within the development will create a new place for people to come and gather & rediscover our great part of Plano!

    1. I continue to hear that the zoning change will create more traffic. What do we think the current zoning will do? Create less traffic? My guess is that it will not.

      Connecting to Westwood is the likely choice for any development there. Solid flat parking lots won’t do anything to prevent cut through traffic. There will probably be more exit points with no cut through with the current zoning which will create a lot of u-turns at Westwood to get everyone back to the Custer light.

  2. Cliff and I live on Westlake Dr, and we recorded a vote of ‘no’ for the current form of the request. We attended on Monday night. I honestly did not appreciate the implied threat by the Rosewood guy at the end that if they don’t get their way, that they will start parceling it off. Fine, go ahead and do it, but I don’t think they’ve held the land this long and are going through this pain to make good on that promise.

    My personal request is to only allow rezoning of the Phase 1 area. Let the developer prove what they are claiming. If everything is great, then rezoning for Phase 2 should be an easy sell later on when the time comes. I realize the argument against this is that they won’t be able to attract a corporate anchor unless the whole thing is done and ready to sell. However, it feels to me like a good compromise, as this is a project that would take up to a decade to complete anyway.

    The ‘mixed’ use aspect of this feels very limited to me, with the main street concept being the only true mixed use part of this. The rest of the buildings seem to have one purpose or another and shouldn’t really qualify as ‘mixed’. I also feel the current design of the retail is going to encourage strip-center style retail, which to me does not scream high quality. What kind of retail is going to be attracted to the current design? I’m guessing the same kind of thing that sits in front of the mall. Doesn’t look like something the size of Sprouts or an Apple Store could be done here, which to me is the sort of thing I would prefer to have nearby. How did the mixed use project at 75 & Campbell turn out? Last I was there, the retail level was still pretty sparse.

    I would like to see a traffic study done. I’d prefer it to be difficult for people to exit the development and come straight up Westwood, whether or not they are cutting through to 15th. I would like to see an intersection as they have in Richardson where the Sprouts store is on Campbell near Coit. You can’t go across Campbell there, you must either turn left or right. We also already have concerns about people turning right onto Custer after getting off GBT. This needs to be a “no right on red” turn, IMO. With more traffic, we are going to have more accidents there.

    I’m not buying the claims of $500K-900K homes either. Perhaps if you had a custom homebuilder come in as they have on Park & Custer. And maybe if there was a Dart rail station here to inflate prices. But how many of the State Farm employees (for example) could afford to buy at those prices?

    I did not heard anything about security. I assume a development like this would require private security patrolling 24/7.

    I am not against the idea of a project like this in the abstract, the devil is in the details and execution.

    1. A traffic study is underway. It is a requirement of the system as well as an environmental impact study.

      The developer has spent a lot to create plans for a grand community and has bent over backward to accommodate a hostile community. I didn’t see it as a threat but as a statement of fact. I think the negotiation phase passed a while back. If it fails and they make deals on the existing zoning, the traffic will be as bad or worse, the noise will be as bad or worse and the high rise buildings will decorate the skyline without any benefit to the community because there isn’t anything around our neighborhood to draw them in. I don’t think anyone wants apartments there but the high rise building tenants won’t care if the animals survive, if the creek is clean and beautiful, if lights shine in your windows or the traffic gets worse on Westwood.

      This could also have been an opportunity to revitalize the area between Alma and Westwood that has turned into rental central. The Texas Pool could be restored to its former glory by an influx of new people.

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