Crime Watch Bulletin #2, May 2015 – Burglaries & Robberies

Crime Watch Bulletins – from Plano Police Department
Burglaries & Robberies
For Month ended May 31, 2015

Incident #1:
LOCATION/STREET: 6000 N. Central Expwy (N. Central Expwy/W. Spring Creek Pkwy)
DATE: 4/22/15 TIME: 4:30 p.m.

DESCRIPTION: The victim left her purse on the floor of her vehicle and when she returned from the store, the purse was missing. The incident was captured on video and observed by two witnesses. Suspect #1 opened the passenger door and took the purse off the floor.
Residents are reminded to LOCK your doors, HIDE (or better yet, REMOVE) your valuables, and TAKE your keys. If something is valuable to you, it is valuable to someone else.

SUSPECT INFORMATION: Suspect #1: Black male, 20-25 years old, 5’9″-5’11”, thin build, weighing approximately 150-160lbs, brown short haircut, wearing a white t-shirt; Suspect #2: Asian female, 20-25 years old, 5’0″-5’5″, 100’135lbs, thin build, black hair, gray leggings, pink shirt.
VEHICLE INFORMATION: Gold Honda Odyssey, displaying buyer’s plates.

Incident #2:
LOCATION/STREET: 1900 Papeete Drive (Custer Rd/W. Parker Rd)
DATE: 4/25/15 (Saturday) TIME: 10:35 a.m.

DESCRIPTION: Witness/victim was unloading groceries from her vehicle. When she came back outside from the house she observed the suspect standing by her car. When the suspect saw the witness, the suspect quickly walked away down the alley. The witness discovered that her garage door opener had been taken from her vehicle.

SUSPECT INFORMATION: White female in her 20’s, long blond hair that was in a bun, wearing a black shirt with unknown pants.

Incident #3:
LOCATION/STREET: 2500 Webster Drive (15th St/Independence Pkwy)
DATE: 4/29/15 (Wednesday) TIME: 12:45 a.m.

DESCRIPTION: The victim heard a noise coming from outside. Upon investigation, the victim observed the suspect inside his shed. Once the suspect saw she’d been discovered, she ran to the small car and left the area.

SUSPECT INFORMATION: Black female, last seen wearing black sweatpants and a black shirt.
VEHICLE INFORMATION: Smaller car, possibly gray in color.

Incident #4:
LOCATION/STREET: 6100 Alma Drive (Alma Dr/W. Spring Creek Pkwy, Mapsco 658D)
DATE: 4/29/15 (Wednesday) TIME: 10:40 a.m.

DESCRIPTION: The witness/victim was inside a store when a subject contacted her and advised her that someone was breaking into her vehicle. The victim went out to the parking lot and observed the suspect standing next to and looking inside the victim’s vehicle. The victim asked the suspect what the suspect was doing. The suspect replied that he was looking for a lost item.
The victim went back into the store. When she returned to her vehicle, she discovered that her wallet that she left in her vehicle was missing.
Residents are reminded to LOCK your vehicle, TAKE your keys, and HIDE (or better yet–REMOVE) your valuables.

SUSPECT INFORMATION: Black male, thicker build, 5’6″ tall wearing a light brown leather jacket and a brown and beige hat and reading glasses.

Incident #5:
LOCATION/STREET: 900 S. Medalist Circle (W. Spring Creek Pkwy/Alma Dr)
DATE: 4/27/15 (Monday) TIME: 8:45 a.m.

DESCRIPTION: The witness/victim looked out her apartment window and observed the suspect standing next to her vehicle with her driver’s door open and the interior vehicle light was on. The witness opened her apartment door to confront the suspect and observed the suspect was now leaning inside her vehicle. The victim yelled at the suspect and the suspect fled southbound through the apartment parking lot on foot. The victim advised that she left her vehicle doors open. At the time of the report the victim believed nothing was missing.
Residents are reminded to TAKE your keys, LOCK your doors and HIDE (or even better – REMOVE) your valuables.

SUSPECT INFORMATION: Black male, light skinned, 5’11” tall, slender build, wearing gray sweatpants, a light colored shirt, and a Chicago Bulls beanie on his head.

Incident #6:
LOCATION/STREET: 6000 Coit Road (Coit Rd/W. Spring Creek Pkwy)
DATE: 5/27/15 (Wednesday) TIME: 5:10 p.m.

DESCRIPTION: The suspect entered the Chase Bank located at the intersection of Coit Road and W. Spring Creek Pkwy., made threats to the teller and robbed the bank of an undisclosed amount of money. Afterwards the suspect exited the bank. No vehicle description was given.

SUSPECT INFORMATION: White male, mid 20’s to mid 30’s, 5’11”-6’4″, thin to medium build, last seen wearing a red and white plaid shirt, khaki pants and sunglasses.

Incident #7:
OFFENSE TYPE: Burglary of a Business
LOCATION/STREET: 700 Central Expressway (Central Expwy/Plano Pkwy)
DATE: 5/31/15 (Sunday) TIME: 4:25 a.m.

DESCRIPTION: The two suspects were observed burglarizing a retail business.
SUSPECT INFORMATION: Suspect #1: White male, 20-25 years of age, thin build, wearing a black hoodie, black gloves, black shoes and white basketball type shorts with a vertical stripe; Suspect #2 white male, 35-40 years of age, medium build, last seen wearing black gloves, a gray jacket with white stripes down the sleeves, black shoes and an orange colored cap with “Texas” written on the front in white lettering.


Residents are urged to immediately call 911 upon observing any suspicious person,
vehicle, or circumstance.

If you have any information regarding suspicious persons or activity in your area,
please call the Plano Police Department at (972) 424-5678.

General Safety Information:

Please BE AWARE of what is going on in your block and neighborhood! LOOK AROUND as you leave your home and make sure that nothing looks “out of place” in your surroundings.

If you see ANYONE suspicious or ANY suspicious vehicle or ANYTHING that seems unusual…CALL 911!! The police will come out and check out the situation ASAP. DON’T be afraid to call 911 even if you think it’s not worth “bothering” the Police Department about. Let them come out and make that determination!


1. USE YOUR BURGLAR ALARM if you have one.

2. If you have outdoor surveillance cameras make sure they are working, the Plano Police Department encourages all homeowners with outside cameras to register them with the PPD as they can help them solve crimes committed in the nearby area.

3. Keep your doors and windows locked.

4. Keep you garage door closed.

5. Park your vehicles in your garage if possible.

6. DON’T OPEN YOUR DOOR TO STRANGERS! If someone knocks, approach the door WITHOUT OPENING IT and say loudly “I’ll get it” or “Who is it” to let the person at the door know that someone is home. DON’T OPEN YOUR DOOR TO STRANGERS!

7. Keep outside lights on at night.

8. Keep your valuables in your home and vehicles out of clear view day and night.

9. Close your blinds at night.

10. If you see ANYONE or ANYTHING suspicious…DO NOT HESITATE…CALL 911!!

Thank you for watching out for our neighborhood! You are the eyes and ears of our neighborhood and we are the eyes and ears of the Plano Police Department. With everyone’s help we will continue to keep our great Dallas North Estates Neighborhood safe!!

If you have any questions please contact Lisa Bloomfield, our DNE HOA Crime Watch Coordinator at ( or me at ( .

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One Comment

  1. Urgent action needed.Please circulate.

    Hello Neighbors,

    This is a call to action! We need your help to turn out for the upcoming Planning and Zoning meeting on Monday June 29th.
    Thank you to the approximately 100 residents that showed up to the May 21st P&Z work session. We were divided into 4 groups representing each quadrant of the city and were very honest in telling the staff and commissioners that we did NOT want a proliferation of dense apartments/multi-family/mid rise residential buildings throughout Plano. Most of the commissioners heard what we were saying and this was reflected in the summary session after.

    We made great inroads and on Monday June 15th we saw there were changes presented to the plan. But the proposed changes do not go far enough, as the Plano Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan still recommends dense new housing (apartments) throughout Plano.
    This can and will affect citizens in all of Plano including east, central and west Plano.

    Plano already has a high and sufficient percentage of apartments of many types throughout the city and yet the city is approving thousands more. Below are the city’s 2014 and 2015 housing studies:

    March 2014 – Housing Study Existing
    # .
    Single Family
    Apartments, including mixed use multifamily
    Other (Mobile home, assisted living

    2015 Housing Study including projected

    Single Family
    Apartments, including mixed use multifamily
    Other (Mobile home, assisted living

    Notice the projected increase in apartments of over 14,000 from the existing apartments in early 2014. And we think the 14,000 new apartments in the city’s study grossly understates what they are preparing to approve.

    While we agree that Legacy Town Center is a successful and admired project, we believe its success is due to several unique factors that cannot easily be repeated. These factors include that it is in the middle of the largest DFW office development outside of downtown Dallas, it was the first of its kind in the city in the area and there was a very pressing need for restaurants, hotels and entertainment to serve the great number of corporate offices. The city has now approved seven additional urban mixed projects, all hoping to imitate it and be successful. We ask, how many is too many? And won’t they all be competing against each other for that success? Will the greatly increased supply drive down older apartment developments?

    These urban centers include:
    Legacy Town Center
    Legacy West
    West Plano Village (Parker & Parkwood)
    Beacon Square (Mapleshade west of Coit)
    The Broadstone (Plano Parkway & Preston Road)
    Elan/CityScape (Mapleshade east of Coit Road)
    Visions5 (Spring Creek & Parkwood)
    Rosewood Heritage Creek (Plano Parkway & Alma)
    Downtown Plano / Dart
    The City has also recently approved several other large apartment developments of 350 to 600 units that are 4 story buildings and are much denser and have much less green space than the apartments traditionally built in Plano.

    We also do not think that dense apartments are the answer for Plano and we do not think they will help the struggling 4-corner retail site that the city has identified for “redevelopment and infill”.

    So we need to be united in our continued protest and we need your help.

    We are asking you to show up for the Monday June 29th P&Z meeting-work session and show the commissioners we are united against continued approvals of high-density residential on the last remaining undeveloped land in Plano that is now mostly zoned commercial/business. There is minimum of this land that is zoned residential and we want to keep it that way.

    If you are on NextDoor for you neighborhood, please post information to the Nextdoor site and ask your neighbors to attend.

    So clear your calendars and Plano to show up for the 7:00 PM P&Z meeting on Monday June 29th at the Municipal center, 1520 Ave. K.
    Plano citizens want a careful, considerate and thoughtful Plano Tomorrow Plan with its focus on schools, safety and the suburban, NOT urban, character of the city.

    Thank you,


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