City Council Approves Rosewood Zoning

President’s  Update & Message

I  want to let the neighborhood know the outcome of the meeting with the Plano City Council last night. But first, I want to thank all of you for your tremendous participation and effort in our zoning process. It is so great to see so many people involved in this process! Thank you!

Secondly, I would like to thank Messiah Lutheran Church and Harold Lerhmann for graciously extending their Church facilities for our many neighborhood HOA meetings over the years. We greatly appreciate it!
I also would like to thank the DNE Board (past and current) for many many volunteer unpaid hours of everything from maintaining the website and the finances to all the many other things over many years from zoning issues to Neighborhood National Night Outs that have helped keep our neighborhood informed and great! So a big Thank You to all!

Plano City Council Meeting Update

Now for the results of the Plano City Council meeting. The Council passed the Rosewood zoning proposal unanimously with an 8 to 0 vote. The Council felt this development will be a good for our neighborhood and for Plano. They did express concern about the traffic on Westwood, but that issue will be resolved when the actual site plan is filed with the city. There will be an article in The Dallas Morning News Business section on Wednesday October 29 about the project.

Phase I

Rosewood has said they will begin phase 1 of the development on the east side of the property by building 320 apartments, 3 restaurants, approximately 200  single family detached homes and townhouses, and some low rise office. They have said they will keep the neighborhood in the loop as the development progresses.
Please check our website DNEHOA.ORG for any other information about this and other neighborhood issues.
Thanks again and a Happy Halloween to all!

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  1. I feel the City did not listen to its citizens/neighbors. Bottom line $$ was the typical influence. Putting money into the area is all they looked at. What is the point of zoning when we the residents are held to it but big companies with money can change our area and them sell the development to others. They do not live here and we are stuck with the results.

    How many of those councilmen live around the Rosewood purposed changes?

    Very disappointed in our system.

    1. Hi Luz:
      I dont think any of the council members live in DNE…but I do remember at the end of the council meeting that two or three said that they live in the Pittman Creek Estates.

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