Tree Damage on Alma

The following information is from Angela Kralik, Urban Forester with the City of Plano.  You can reach her via email at

Several trees have been hit by large trucks and have dropped limbs on cars over the past several months. They cannot be pruned up, because there is a Power Line existing that has already removed the upper canopy of the tree. Last month a Certified Arborist with Arborilogical Services, Inc. did a full evaluation on those trees and her recommendation is that 48 of the 59 trees need to be removed.

The Arborist has agreed to attend the meeting with me. I’m also hoping that someone from Public Works will attend to answer any questions about the future screening of that site, since we cannot put trees back in that location.

I would really like to speak with those residents directly impacted and we can talk about their tree.

The meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 23rd at 6:30 pm at Liberty Recreation Center in Plano.


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